Child Care Referrals and Resources for Families

Connecting your family to essential programs and services.

How Can We Help?

With the high demand for quality child care on the rise in every community, It’s hard to navigate the child care scene.  It can be challenging to know where to begin.  We can help you narrow your options and help you understand what to look for when visiting centers in your area.

Child Care Referrals

Finding the right child care environment can be challenging.  Let us help you connect to a child care provider that meets the needs of your family.

How to Find Quality Care

Knowing what matters most to you as a family and understanding what quality can mean can be overwhelming but very important for parents to know.  Click on the button below to find tips, guidelines, checklists, and other resources to help you through your journey.

Connect to Services

Paying for child care can be challenging if you are unaware of the resources available in your area.  Find out where to go for financial assistants and other resources that may be available.

Family Information Resources

Are you tired of searching sites after site for resources to help you grasp your child’s development?  Do you need some ideas on things to do with your children?  ECCTC has a growing library of family resources on a plethora of topics.  Click below to check out our family resource library!

Why Quality Child Care Matters