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Whether you are looking for quality professional development or looking for resources to help you run your business smoothly, the Quality Programs department at ECCTC can help!

ECCTC offers training and coaching for teachers, administrators, and family child care providers. 

We also have great supports for those who want to start their own child care business.

How We Can Help!

Training Opportunities

ECCTC partners with ECTC to provide inspiring, relevant, and customizable options for your educators. Whether you are looking for online training or face to face, ECCTC can help make sure your staff are on top of their professional development. Are you looking to get your CDA or your team their CDA? ECCTC has you covered. As an approved training agency through the Division of Child Care, ECCTC provides CDA classes that best suit all staff's needs.

Administrative Supports

ECCTC may be a new entity, but the years of experience that come with the staff and founders are over 20 years of owning and operating different facilities across Kentucky. From family child care to large capacity centers and head starts, ECCTC can help make your business a success!

Collaborative Community

ECCTC values each of our clients' knowledge and knows that all of us can benefit from having conversations with one another. Connect with our network of peers and experts for enrichment and encouragement trainings and meetings!

Valuable Resources

We know that there is a world full of resources out there, but it could take a whole day to find what you really need and tailor it to your needs. ECCTC has already done the work for you through our Shared Service network and other provider resources that you will find valuable.

You Make the World a Better Place

We Just Make it Easier

The job of a director is overwhelming and so fast past. There are never enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to be done. Your first and primary job is to ensure the children’s safety and that the needs of the families, children, and staff are being met.  

  • We understand how challenging your job can be because we’ve been there and done that, and we regularly spend time working with and listening to the needs of directors and educators just like you.
  • With over a combined 40 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to help ease the pain of the administrative nightmare that you are maybe experiencing. With our knowledgeable staff with state expertise, we can assist you in making sure that all of your documentation is correct and help with organizational structures that will make life so much easier.
  • We use our extensive experience to help centers just like yours thrive. Over the years, we’ve developed administrative resources and services to help directors like you create a harmonious office setting and an appealing experience for your center’s children, families, and educators.

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